"The Coop here in Calgary, specifically the Macleod Trail one recently offered in its buy local bins, some Sweet Long Ramiro peppers from The Cucumber Man. There were 3 in a clear bag, about a foot long and they looked red and delicious, perfect in fact. I just wanted you to know I'll be looking for more of your produce in future as they were absolutely gorgeous, to the point that I rushed back to Coop to buy another package. That's what vegetables are supposed to look like and taste like and this note is just to let you know you have impressed me and have gained one more customer who will be talking up my delicious discovery. Thank you for all the hard work that must go into bringing such a tasty treat to my grocery store. I look forward to discovering more of The Cucumber Man's products."
~Valued Customer

The Cucumber Man
Since 1968

Since 1968 The Cucumber Man has been providing the people of Alberta with locally grown, fresh and healthy vegetables. "I've been doing this for 28 years,"says Rick Wagenaar, co-owner of The Cucumber Man, "and in that time I've learned that value is about more than just dollars and cents. It's about a quality product, and quality relationships with the people who buy it. At The Cucumber Man, we specialize in just that: growing real food for real Albertans."


Our Mission We love welcoming hardworking Albertans to The Cucumber Man stands in the Calgary Farmer's Markets. Our mission, Rick says, "is to make them feel like more than a customer." We love to get to know our customers personally, and with every encounter we want patrons to feel like members of The Cucumber Man family. If the Wall of Fame we keep in our market, pinned with supportive notes from happy customers, is any indication, The Cucumber Man family is growing as large and healthy as our vegetables.

The "Unprocessed Process”

Our process starts in a 15-acre greenhouse complex in Redcliff, Alberta, where every cucumber, tomato and pepper is cared for naturally, with no harmful chemicals. Once each vegetable is confirmed as Cucumber Man quality, we pack the produce and deliver it to community farmer's markets around the province. That means that the vegetables you get are guaranteed fresh, and they'll stay that way longer.